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According to the EPA, “Electrostatic spraying has drawn increased interest through the public health emergency because of the need to disinfect large indoor spaces (e.g., schools, offices, businesses) or areas with many surfaces.” Schools around the country use EMist TruElectrostatic™ Disinfectant Sprayers to disinfect large areas on a more frequent basis.

Unlike conventional spraying methods using spray bottles and wipes, TruElectrostatic sprayers apply a positive charge to liquid disinfectants as they pass through the nozzle. The positively charged disinfectant is attracted to negatively charged surfaces, which allows for better coverage, reduced labor costs, and less chemical waste.

“With the EMist system, we can disinfect a room in about two minutes and the entire campus within two hours.” – Andrea Vela, SAISD Custodial Supervisor

For more information contact The Pizzuto Group for quotes or further information



NEW NEW NEW - E7000 (light weight back pack sprayer)

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